Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Yes, we did more than just scare the poo out of of families this Christmas Break. We went to China!
China was freezing. And I mean so cold that the snot that was trying to run out of my nose felt like it was turning to ice. Gross, I know, but I was trying to give a visual :) It was definitely the coldest place I have ever been.
Our stay was short, but our visit was memorable. I love my husband. I love traveling with my husband. He is just awesome. Did I mention, I love my husband?
We had a full day filled with Tiananmen Square, The Forbidden City, and The Great Wall. The Great Wall was definitely my favorite part of the trip. It was amazing to be apart of such history. To have walked where others long before me had also walked. The worn down steps spoke for themselves. The travel up is steep, but so worth it when you get to the top (and you also gain a few degrees in temperature because you are working so hard!)
Because we were the only people crazy enough to travel to Beijing in the middle of Winter we had The Great Wall all to ourselves. We passed a person going down while we were going up, and there was already 2 people at the top drinking tea, but the climb we had to ourselves. We got to be silly, take as many pictures as we wanted with out people in the backgrounds, do handstands, it was awesome. I am so glad we got to check this off our bucket list!
I also didn't starve and actually ENJOYED the Chinese Food :)
Here are some pictures of our trip :)

God bless!

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