Monday, June 13, 2016

What I really think about leaving Dubai...

 I am doing this post mostly for myself, but also for those of you, who have made up your own notion as to how I am feeling about leaving Dubai.
(that sounded really mean, but it's not!!)

 I think now is a good time to write this post as Justin and I have finalized our tickets home and July 5th is the magic date. The great thing about being so far ahead in time is even though we leave Dubai on the 5th, and have a 16 hour flight, we still arrive home on the 5th :) Let the party begin.
Over these past couple weeks, and actually months, I can't tell you how many times someone has come up to me and said, "I bet you CAN'T WAIT to get back home!" or "I know you are just itching to get out of this place" or "Aren't you just so excited to leave Dubai and go home!?". I have actually gotten a lot of those comments. Guys, I know, people mean well. They are just asking me a question about the future and how I am feeling. But in fact, it is quite hard to put into words what I am feeling, hence the blog. I do best when writing my feelings out.
 I am sad about leaving Dubai. Period. I will miss our life we have built here. I will miss the priceless friendships we have made. I will miss the simplicity, yet craziness of our schedules. I will miss choosing what part of the world we want to see on our next teaching break. I will miss a lot. We have made so many memories that will really last a lifetime. I am so blessed and excited to share our stories with our future children and future grandchildren about our times in the UAE. How cool is it  going to be to look at pictures of Dubai in 5 years when all the construction that's been going on for forever (maybe) will be done and say, "I lived there!"? I really lived there. 
 I am sad about leaving our friends. My daily routine is built around my friendships with the people I have met here in Dubai. These people have been some of the most genuine, fun, crazy, and wholesome people I have ever met. We all came to Dubai looking for different things, running from different things, or chasing different things. But we all came here, met, and have never looked back. We all came from different walks of life, and meshed so well together, I never would have guessed it could have gone so well. I have been inspired by some and definitely have been challenged by some. But mostly I have been blessed by all. These people have really become like a second family to me whom I know I can count on for anything. This will be such a rough part of leaving Dubai.
 I am also scared. The UAE has been home for me for 4 years, and 5 (plus some change) for Justin. We have grown our marriage here. We have grown ourselves here. We have traveled pretty much wherever we've wanted, whenever we wanted (well maybe not, WHENever). We have only had to really think about ourselves and our future. Life has been (for the most part) easy here. When we move home, life is not whatsoever going to be easy. We will be opening a business.#holymoly. I will be teaching in a school I have never heard of, in a town I have never heard of, to students I know nothing about. We will be trying to start a family. We will be living in a part of Oregon that we really know nothing about besides what people have told us, and what we have researched. A lot of change will be happening. 
 Now. I don't want everyone to start thinking I am not excited about moving home, I am. I am 100% confident in the decision my husband and I have made. I know God will bless us if we continue to seek Him, I know I am going to love being surrounded by trees and nature, I know I am going to love being close to family and friends, and I know I am going to love being in my home state of Oregon. As I am writing this post, I start to think about the reasons I listed above about being scared. And for those same exact reasons, I am pumped. I am pumped to start our new life together. I am pumped for all the hardships, new memories, tearful nights, belly laughs, campfires, hikes, new adventures, and LIFE we are about to embark on. I am embracing the change. 
 Dubai will always be my second home. I know that Justin and I will come back someday and be in awe of what it has become. We will drive down new streets, see brand new buildings, and most likely still be in awe of the fountain show. But the thing I know about the most is the friendships we have made are really going to last a lifetime. A piece of my heart will be spread all over the world in the different countries and cities where they reside. 
 Dubai, I love you. I will never forget you. But, it is time for the Ahrens to start a new life together. I thank you for all you've given me. Peace!


  1. You will have to pardon us (ALL of us) for smothering you two for a year or so until we truly believe you're HOME and try and work ourselves back into your lives!

  2. Love you! So glad you've both had this amazing opportunity. Just like when Mitch and I went to Seattle for 3 years - there was a lot of "on our own", which was good and needed. But then we came back, because there is that element of family that is important as well. Looking forward to having you near!


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