Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's a BOY! (not mine)

The post I have waited 18 weeks to share with the world is finally here! My best friend in the whole entire world and her husband are expecting a baby! And it's a BOY! 
When Justin and I surprised our families and friends this Christmas, Alisha had her own news she wanted to surprise me with. I remember we were walking through the halls of our old elementary school where we used to gossip and talk all day instead of getting our work done, and she pulled me into the bathroom for some of the best news I had ever received. She was about ready to explode! haha! At that point, because it was so early, Jeff (her husband) and I were the only people who knew. Muauhahaha. I felt loved :)
While Justin and I were in Sri Lanka this past week, I was patiently waiting for the news we had all been waiting for ever since we found out she was pregnant. And on our last day of our trip, we were eating breakfast right on the beach and our phone finally let us know we had a new snapchat message. I could barely breathe long enough to open it. There is was, a beautiful picture of a beautiful baby boy. 
Then came the tears.
Alisha has been my best friend since I was 5 years old. She has loved me, protected me, stuck up for me, and has ALWAYS had my back. And I know she always will. She is one of the most beautiful people you will ever meet and I am so incredibly blessed to have her as my best friend for life. One famous story I always love to tell is when we were is grade school, maybe 4th or 5th grade, and this boy was not being very nice to me. He was being a dumb boy, but Alisha wouldn't have any of his dumbness. She corndogged him about 5 feet in the air and told him to leave me alone! She wouldn't have anyone, boy or girl, picking on her best friend. HA! Don't know what a corndog is? Umm...look it up.
We've gone though breakups, first kisses, first crushes, first loves, countless volleyball and basketball practices and games, so many laughs that make our bellies hurt, joining families, let downs, surprises, tons of FOOD, marrying the men of our dreams, and now we can add one more to the list. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind what an incredible mother she will be to her little boy. That little man is going to be showered with so much love, he won't know what to do.
Alisha has 2 younger sisters as well, so sorry in advance little man, you are going to have 3 crazy aunties who spoil you rotten! I can't wait to tell you all the crazy stories of your mom and my childhood...well some of them :)
Alisha and Jeffrey will make such wonderful, Godly parents, and I am so excited for them. Now the wait continues as her belly gets bigger and bigger (finally!) and the due date approaches. Jeff and I share the same birthday already, August 20th, and her due date is August 23rd. How crazy would that be if her husband, best friend, and baby boy all had the same birthday!? That would be one heck of a party! Get this, Jeff and I have the same birthday and Justin and Alisha's birthdays are 2 days apart! And our anniversaries are 3 days apart :) BFF's for suuuure!

I love you both so much Alisha and Jeff and I am so excited for you to bring this little baby into the world. I promise to love him and fill him up on sugar and send him straight home to you.


  1. Cassie you are such a wonderful and beautiful young lady. what a wonderful story. Congrats to both you girls on your marriages and congrats on the new baby Boy to Alisha and her Husband. I know Alisha will be a wonderful mother and yes he will be one spoiled little guy :). Cassie I will be waiting to hear when it's your turn for a baby as you girls must have your kids close together. blessings to you all.
    Kim Farley

    1. Thank you so much Kim! I think I may have to wait for baby #2 for Alisha and I to be preggo at the same time :) Not quite ready for little munchkins for myself, just ready to hold Alisha's baby all day long!
      Thanks for the sweet post, hope all is well with your family! And a congrats goes out to you as well to your newest addition!

  2. Can you believe that's my grandson? Aw, Cassie...thanks again for posting such a beautiful post. My cup runneth over...Bobby and I can't wait.

    Kim Frady Shigley

  3. NOW I see why cassie said..."Don't you read my blog???" hahaha Don't know how I missed this one. I'm kinda excited too :)
    Papa Duck


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