Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Souks.

Another gem of the United Arab Emirates is the Dubai Creek Souk. We always take our visitors here for a little bit of culture shock and cheap trinkets. There are two parts of the Souk; one is the spice and gold souk and the other is the fabric. The cool thing is, these two souks are separated by the Dubai Creek and you have to take a water taxi to get to the other side. At the souks you'll find pillow cases, skirts, shirts, gold, necklaces, soccer jerseys, camel pants, and so so so much more. I really don't know how they get so much stuff in that place. 
When my mom came last week, we knew we would be making another stop, so I brought my camera along this time. We've also made friends with a few of the shop owners (who always give me free chocolate dates YUM!) and they love to see us faithful customers bring our guests every time.
If you live in the UAE and you have never been, it's a really great afternoon trip! Bring your camera along and some extra dirhams, who knows what you'll find while you're there! 

Hope everyone had such a blessed Easter Sunday!

God bless!

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