Friday, December 21, 2012


Well...we are not in China. Yet.
It has been 2 months since we booked our tickets to surprise our families back home. I think I should win an award, because it is near impossible for me to keep that kind of secret from my family, let alone anyone! Every skype date we hid the excitement on our faces and every phone call hid our high pitched voice. 
We first surprised Justin's mom, Pat. The love this mama has for her son is inspirational. 

She bawled.

Next we went to Sheldon High School to surprise Justin's little sister Kelli. We went and hid in the Principal's office for her to come find us. Mind you, she has NEVER been to the Principal's office in all her life, so she was a little nervous.

She bawled. 

Next I drove down the hour and a half to surprise my mom at work and then my dad at home. It was amazing for me. Seeing both of their faces was the best present I have ever received, and feeling the love pouring out of them was just what I needed. It was a once in a lifetime feeling. It made the 20 + hours on a plane totally worth it.

He bawled.

My mom's reaction was completely priceless. She jumped about 10 feet in the air and screamed as if literally had seen a ghost. 

She bawled.

Merry Christmas to everyone! :)
Enjoy your families and don't take one second with them for granted!

God Bless!

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