Friday, December 14, 2012

Where are you Christmas, why can't I find you?

Well we just finished our last day with kiddos before our Christmas Break starts next Tuesday! I really am in awe that it is already time for Christmas break and Christmas itself is only 11 days away. Here in the desert it is still warm and sunny with Christmas spirit hidden away in stores and Christmas trees in windows. 
I am not going to lie it has been a battle with the spirit of Christmas this year. It's really hit me that we are in such a different place than home. We didn't do one single Christmas project, read a Christmas story, or watched a single Christmas movie. My kids know what it is, they talk about it all the time, but in more of a whisper. They speak of Santa and some parents even wished me a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays as they were picking their kids up on Thursday. I've really missed getting kids excited and being excited myself for Christmas time to come! It is usually such a big deal! Not here.
We have some really great friends and a really great Crossfit family that has made it a little bit easier. We had our Burn Room Christmas party tonight, including a disgusting"12 Days of Christmas" WOD and then gained all those burned calories back by stuffing our face with goodies and a delicious turkey! So blessed by our fellow gymmers! And my husband has dealt with my Christmas movie obsession and has listened to Christmas music in the car for the past 2 months and has only complained every time a tiny bit ;) Thank you for putting up with me babes. 
Though it is not ideal for me during this holiday season, it makes me so grateful for the Christmases I have spent with my family and the wonderful memories we have made. I would not trade them for anything. All those pieces of pizza and talent shows will hold such a special place in my heart. 
On a side note, it was a little cloudy tonight with a cool breeze! MmmmMmmm 
And the best night of December so far with the Michael Buble Christmas special!!! I did not take my eyes off the screen the whole time. SO. IN. LOVE.

God bless!

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