Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Walking down the aisle.

I was reunited with my ipod this Christmas Break. I had left it at home lost it before we left to moved back to Abu Dhabi this summer. The menu button was very rusty since it had been so long since anyone had used it and it was lost up in my old purse in the cold attic. I could however, get the songs to play on shuffle. It was the first thing I took out when we got on the plane. I was dreading the flight ahead of us, knowing how long this really was. I wanted to be anywhere but on that plane. But as I sat and listened to my music, there it came. The song I walked down the aisle to.
My heart immediately began to beat faster. It brought back the emotion I felt as I grabbed my Dad's and he said, "You ready?". When I looked up at him and had no doubt in my mind that this was where I was supposed to be at this point in time. The small steps we took and the way I felt when I saw the crowd of people staring at me in my beautiful white dress. From this moment on there was no turning back. But I didn't want to.
As we made the turn where I could see Justin, I immediately could not stop smiling. I remember almost laughing outloud to myself because my smile was so big. There stood the man I was going to spend forever with. Here we were about to get married.
I woke Justin up from his sleep, so he could listen to the song with me. We both smiled and stared, knowing that we both were imagining the same things, but from different angles. Everyone remembers the wedding, the dress, the dancing, the cake, but what gets me the most, was this very moment; walking down the aisle with my father and him giving me away to my love. Letting go of his little girl.

"When I, I saw your face, it was like a space in my heart was filled. It's like I knew, from the very start, that you were every other part of me. And it's like I have loved you since, from the moment when, since time began; you fill my heart."
Who knew a song could mean so much? :)

God Bless!!


  1. Best picture EVER! <3

  2. Hey sweet lady! Thank you SO MUCH for the super sweet comment on my sugar cleanse blog post yesterday. Love your blog! xoxo


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