Monday, December 31, 2012

I hate packing day.

Today is packing day. 
As Justin and I stuff our suitcases full of the goodies and presents we have accumulated over these past few weeks, I start to feel the weight of it all. Once again, I am leaving my friends and family. It won't be 6 whole months until I see them again. My heart starts to get sad, as I remember the feeling I have when we are overseas and I long to see my family. It really is hard being that far away for such a long period of time.
But then I look back on the fun times I've had with them this break and I immediately change from bitter to blessed. I saw 100% of my immediate and extended family at least once. And most of them twice or three times! I got to celebrate Christmas 3 times- Christmas Eve with the Bishops, Christmas Day with the Ahrens, and the day after with my Mom and Grandma! I saw a lot of friends this break and got to spend a whole girls night with my best friend. We really are blessed.
And now we are off to China! Can you believe that?
I feel the irony as we are packing up our suitcases on the day before the New Year. I feel as if I am packing up 2012 in a suitcase and ready to begin a whole new journey with my very best friend. There are many things I am so excited to move beyond and move past this coming year. There are many things I am anticipating in this coming year! 2013 will be a big one people! 
I hope you all are safe and have a wonderful New Year's Eve with the ones you love. 

God Bless!

 Candlelight Service with The Bishop's!

First meeting of sweet baby Cohen!

Family Game Night!

Loved girl's night with these beautiful ladies!

My love Kaylee and I in our onsies!

My moms and brofy!

Mud mask all the way from The Dead Sea with my cousins!

Marissa and I being us :)

Girls night with Brooke and Liss!!

Saying bye to Pops :(

Lots of workouts at CFI!

That concludes our Christmas break!

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