Sunday, September 20, 2015

Budapest, Scotland, and Ireland with the 3 musketeers.

I can't believe Justin and I are trying to sit down and plan THIS year's Christmas break and I am just now posting LAST years. Oh boy. Since I really could do a post on all 3 of these, I will just do short highlights and pictures of all.
This trip was seriously so much fun. Seriously cold, but so much fun. We started off with Budapest. My heart had never been so happy as we approached my first Christmas market. I couldn't believe it. A whole market dedicated to everything Christmas. Seriously America, we need to get on that train, because it was incredible. We drank mulled wine and ate lots of cinnamon bread and it was amazing. I loved walking around to all the booths and see just the happiness on people's faces as they walked around with their families and loved ones. We went to a great viewpoint at the top of the city and the view was incredible. All of our pictures seriously look photoshopped. Here are some pictures from Budapest.

Our next destination was Scotland. This is where we were for Christmas. It was so hard being away from family during Christmas Eve and Day, but we were so blessed to be together and to be experiencing the world. Scotland was FREEZING. So so cold. We were bundled up the whole time and our heater in our place wasn't even that high, so we were constantly under blankets! I loved walking and seeing the castles just right there on the side of the road. It was awesome. The people were very friendly and I made sure to get my fill on chai tea from Starbucks :) We also hiked up to the top of Arthur's Seat and oh my word, hiking up a damp mountainside in boots and jeans was not our greatest idea. We got pretty hot hiking up, but as soon as we stood at the top, the chill of the wind made us freezing again. It was another great view point of the city. Here are some pictures.

Ireland was our last stop of our Christmas break extravaganza and it did not disappoint. It was just what we needed after an on the go trip so far. We rented a car so we could drive from city to city and just seeing all the beautiful scenery and green made us feel right at home. We loved the delicious food and loved hearing music everywhere we went. Our final night just happened to be New Years Eve so we got to see Ireland and all it's glory :) We had a blast here. One of our favorite parts for sure was The Cliffs of Moher. It was absolutely breathtaking. Picture perfect.

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