Saturday, October 31, 2015

What to expect when you marry into The Ahrens {toast}

Justin's brother, Nick got married this last October. We were blessed enough that we were able to fly back home for 9 days to celebrate this beautiful occasion with our family. The trip could have not gone any more perfect. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, family flew in that we haven't seen since our own wedding 4 years ago, and we hugged and laughed all week long. 
I had this idea of saying a toast for awhile before we left for home. I talked to Justin about it and he thought it was a great idea, but I was so nervous. I decided I would write it and ask Nick's beautiful bride to be, Alysha if she thought it would be okay if I said a little something. Of course she said yes, so here it went:
Even though I've only got the pleasure of hanging out with Alysha a few times, I know her sweet self well enough to warn her about a few things. Which why I've compiled a list. And it's called: What to expect when you marry into The Ahrens.

1. The men of the family will never forget to remind you what a true honor it is to have become an Ahrens. I mean, we are truly blessed that they chose us to marry them. (this was seriously so perfect because Justin just got done giving his speech and said these EXACT words)
2. You become a part of the chores rotation. No more free rides of dirty dishes.
3. When the ladies get together, we go shopping, even if we hide our bags in the trunk.
4. Mama Pat tries her best, but her chocolate chips cookies will never meet Justin's expectations.
5. The holiday season is the busiest, but most fun at the Ahrens household and great memories will be made.
6. Papa Scott gives the best hugs. And he's handed down that awesome trait to his sons. He's always there for a warm embrace.
7. The endless wrestling matches between family members. Which normally end with Pat screaming for her life.
8. Without pushing it, the talk of babies gets thrown into almost every conversation.
9. Costumes are a normal thing and you never know when Pat will walk down the hall in a massive pink wig on her way to work.
But most importantly:
10. From the moment you become an Ahrens, you are a part of their family. They love you as their own and cherish you. They pray for you and with you. They laugh with you and at you.They protect you and let you be yourself.

I am so excited to have you become an Ahrens, Alysha. I see the way Nick is with you and they way he looks at you and I see love. I know the foundations instilled in Nick will be those to take care of you, love you, and be your best friend for the rest of your lives together. Congratulations, I love you both so much.

Still can't believe Nick has found the love of his life, and she is the sweetest, most beautiful person. God is so, so good. 

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