Sunday, March 8, 2015


I remember when I started this blog, and all I wanted to do was get my thoughts down. Whether that be to update family, post pictures, or a rando recipe here and there, that's why I started. Then there were days and weeks where I felt I had nothing to post. Nothing is happening. Nothing new. Well...this is not one of those posts :)
Oh my gosh so much is happening in our lives these days. I've traveled to 4 different countries so far, and about to go to 1 more for Spring Break. I've been much less stressed in and out of the classroom, which has made a much more happy me! Jus and I have gone on many Wednesday night dates (my favorite night of the week!) And many more things!
Once we get a plug that actually works to charge our Mac from 1934, I can upload pictures! Can you believe I haven't uploaded some from SUMMER! Ermahgerd. That's way too long. I can't wait to edit and post them from Cyprus, Budapest, Scotland, and Ireland. 
Our next trip on the map is BALI! I can't wait to lay on the sandy beaches with not a care in the world. With maybe a pina colada. Mmmm. It's only 3 weeks away! My kiddos are sure ready, that's for certain. I am not sure what they have been eating for breakfast, but sometimes they seem like they ate straight up sugar by the spoonful.
The Open is upon us at Crossfit's all around the globe, and it has been so fun to see everyone from all different classes, levels, and backgrounds in the gym. I love this time of year! Ok...I almost take that back. Justin is a CRAZE-O this time of year, but I try to snap him out of it by slapping him a few times. The girls and I have been trading in evening classes for 6 am ones, and I have to tell you, I DO NOT KNOW WHY I DIDN'T DO THIS MY WHOLE LIFE. (oh yea, I played sports) 6 am class is the best. No traffic on the road, smaller classes, shower at the gym, and after get to go home!! Whoop. Teaching makes me pooped and when you have to drag yourself to the gym after, man oh man. But now, we're already done!!! And then sometimes we get really crazy on Monday's and we GO BACK for endurance class. (#6packforbali)
This post is so random. Which is how my brain is right now. That's what happens when you go paleo. 
Ok bye for now. I miss you all. Can't wait for some of that fresh Oregon air. Oh yea, my kids know everything there is to know about Oregon. They think I'm obsessed...yes, Mrs. Bishop WE KNOW about Oregon haha! Go ducks!

God bless.

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