Sunday, December 15, 2013

We're famous for countdowns.

Guys, I cannot wait until Friday! I get to go hoooooooome! Yes, sing all the songs you know about going home! I just have to get through 3 state tests (with 1st graders), 24 screaming, anxious kiddos, hopefully 4 workouts if I don't skip any days, and probably about 3 hours of traffic. I can do it!! 
There is seriously, no place like home for the holidays. Just the feeling of being home is just something truly unexplainable. I never feel like it's the holiday season until I am home with my family and friends. Even though we are only there for a short time, it is so worth it. We like to jam-pack our holidays full with as many things as possible, but still have a few days where we can just relax and enjoy the time we have together. We don't want to miss anything! Or anyone!
5 more days people, 5 more days!

Hope you are enjoying the holiday season with your loved ones!

God bless!

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