Friday, February 22, 2013

Do the Harlem Shake.

It's the craze that's been buzzing all over the internet, CrossFit boxes, work spaces, aquariums, campuses...everywhere. And we joined in this weekend.
The Burn Room has talked about it for a few weeks now, and we didn't want to miss an opportunity to get crazy and have some major fun. We also didn't want to miss the train and make a video 2 months down the road and look like complete losers.
That is my lovely husband shaking his Beyonce bootay in the middle. He's awesome. I'm flying in and out on the rope wearing a pit stop outfit, an American flag cape, and a fuzzy flappy hat. Did you see the person walking on the tire in the background? Or the person vacuuming? HA! I think it turned out pretty awesome! Have you been a part of the craze?
God Bless!

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