Monday, February 25, 2013

And the winner is... Sri Lanka.

Holy bageezies this has been a crazy couple of weeks when it comes to our travel destinations. I'll try to tell the story as plain as possible...
Justin and I have been contemplating on where we want to spend our Spring Break come April. We were trying to decide between Sri Lanka and Istanbul, Turkey for the longest time. We had been asking other teachers who have been, looking up multiple websites and review sites, making pros and cons lists...we just could not decide on which one we wanted. 
Sri Lanka is definitely the more cheaper route. We could fly there, stay at a nice hotel, get multiple massages (like in Thailand), lay on the sandy beaches, I could ride all the elephants I want, and we would just...relax for a really cheap price.
Istanbul we heard is a beautiful place with beautiful architecture. I could wear jeans and my leather jacket with my boots. I could take millions of awesome pictures and walk on the cobble stone streets. We could see part of the world that we had never seen before. But is was about twice the cost of Sri Lanka.
I just happened to look on at prices to go to Brussels. I had recently viewed a blog where her and her husband went to Bruges for the weekend, and her pictures were absolutely gorgeous. I had to just "look" to see what the prices were. I about fainted. There it was, a way to get to Europe for $60. I about peed myself. I knew that Brussels was not far from Amsterdam and we could just take a quick train ride and see two beautiful places and I would get a small taste of my dream European trip. 
This, of course, was too good to be true. We went to the Etihad booth at the Marina Mall in Dubai to make sure this was a legit listing. It wasn't. I spent all day getting my hopes up of my trip to Europe and walking on the cobble stone streets, taking gorgeous pictures, eating as much chocolate as I could fit in my mouth, beautiful scenery with rolling hills, canals for days, I was ready to see it all. I almost cried as we walked away from the booth in disbelief.
So we were back at square one. Sri Lanka or Istanbul. Instanbul or Sri Lanka. As Justin and I continued or pros and cons list, I thought to myself about what we were actually doing. We were trying to decide which place we wanted to get on a plane and go experience! I couldn't believe my mindset! We get to travel the world. We get to see so many places and here we were upset because we couldn't decide between the two! (slap to the forehead)
March is going to be one of the best months ever. My wonderful friend Kaylee is coming to visit us and I cannot tell you how excited I am for her to get here! She will be here from the 7th-17th, that's a whole TEN DAYS! THEN my MOM arrives on the 19th. Holy buckets. Can this month get any better? They could not be coming at a better time and I am going to be extremely grateful for them making the trip out. But as well all know, with visitors, comes spending a lot of mula. You want your guests to have the best time here, and we know a lot of things you want to do, and show them cost money. With both of them combined we will have 17 days worth of visitors! OH YEA BABY! 
So we decided the best decision for us would be to go to Sri Lanka and have the time of our lives. I am not one but disappointed nor do I question the decision we made. I will get to ride elephants (again!) and love on them. I told Justin I want to cuddle and sleep with them, but he just laughed at me. (I was serious) We will get to do so many things as well as just relax and enjoy our much-deserved time off work. 
So...that has been our last couple of weeks, but we have come to a final decision. Sri Lanka, here we come!

God bless! :)

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