Sunday, November 18, 2012

Last week in 2G.

We've had so much fun in 2G last week. We learned about spiders and black widows, made Wanted Posters that have the kids' adorbale "wanted face" on them, and painted our shoe boxes for our Native American project.
This week it was a review week for English so we picked our own story to read. It was Sophie's Masterpiece. Sophie is a I thought...spiders are so stinking cute why don't I add this as one of my center activities? We drew spiders onto construction paper and on the 8 legs we wrote 1 thing the children knew or learned about spiders this week. Some of them turned out so cute! And yes, some of them look like octopus and crabs, but they're still equally cute :)
Our Wanted Posters were a kick in the pants. I had each kid hold up a white board (drew by the hubs) and they took a picture holding it up while making their "angry/mean/scary face". Some of them really got into it, while some just stood there with deer in the headlight eyes. They wrote what they were wanted for, what the reward was, and a description of themselves. It was a little hard to grasp the concept of what a Wanted Poster really was, because this was the first time most of them had even heard of it, let alone seen one. But they still had fun with it!
We also finished painting our shoeboxes that are being made into a Native American diorama. The kiddos loved using paints, feathers, cutting papers and coloring their totem poles. I snapped a few pictures of them at work just to show you how into it they were!
I've loved these past few days with my kiddos. What a difference a year can make. Thank you Jesus for my amazing, fun class!

God Bless :)

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