Monday, November 19, 2012

Brian and Caoimhe Engagement.

So I finally have enough time to show you my photos I took of Brian and Caoimhe last weekend. Though the weather was hot, we were sweating, their faces were hurting from smiling, they were such a fun couple to work with. It is so much fun/better shooting people you are familiar with and vice versa. It was a very comfortable, relaxed environment where I just got to shoot two beautiful people who are in love. 
Here's are some of my favorites :)


  1. these are beautiful photos! Found you while searching for crossfit :) I am in love with all things crossfit and photography too!

  2. Thank you! I just hopped on over to your blog as well! :) Yay for new blog friends! You can bet I'll be checking up on your blog often. What CF do you workout at?


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