Tuesday, November 6, 2012

In Grade TWO we go to the ZOO.

I know, my rhyming skills aren't as good as Dr. Seuss, but I tried.
Sunday was field trip day! It was our first field trip of the year and it couldn't have gone better! All 11 grade 2 classes piled onto 10 buses, drove the 1.5 hours to Al Ain and went to the Zoo!
Now. If you went to the zoo here in Abu Dhabi or Dubai you would want to call the police because of the state the animals are in. It's shocking. So I was a little nervous to see this zoo, but I figured since we were taking our kids there, it must not be too bad.
We started off with reptiles. Ew. I hate snakes. They scare me. They are planning to eat me when they look at me with those beady eyes. The man in charge basically threw the snake on me and I did not want to catch it! Gross.
We rode the train (too quickly) around the whole zoo, seeing the hippos, white lions, gorillas, gazelle, monkey's and my favorite giraffes. I love giraffes. They are so stinking cool. AND I got to feed them! Each kiddo was given a carrot stick and we got to go up to the gate and feed it to the giraffes. I only took one may have taken a few more carrot sticks from the pile then I was supposed to. I love them, I can't help it!
All in all it was such a good day with my kids. It was fun getting to "hang out" with them instead of forcing math problems down their throats. I got to laugh and smile with my silly kids and made some more memories over here in the UAE.
Here are some pics from our trip!
 My buddy Yousef and I on the bus.

 2G on the train!

I LOVE giraffes!

 Mr. Giraffe

 Silly boys.

God Bless!

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