Sunday, November 4, 2012

Prayer journal.

I like to write. (hence the blog and not a vlog) I have always liked to write. I like to think I get it from my Grandmother and Popsi. And since I write much better then I talk, or at least I think I do, I decided to keep a prayer journal.
To be completely honest, I feel it has been really hard to get into a routine of devotion while we have been overseas. We read our daily devotion on the way to work and pray with each other, but it seems the intimate relationship I once had with my Father has fallen by the wayside. Without our home church, worship, and fellowship I have felt very "empty". I got a lot out of worship sessions. This is a place where I know I will feel God. I know that as soon as I start to sing His praises, I will immediately feel His presence and usually get a little on the ball like a baby emotional side. My love for music and the love for my God is so apparent. 
I know God has taken away this comfort zone of mine of which I depended so much on. Where else am I going to feel this? Where else am I going to find Him while I seem so far away? One thing I know without a doubt, 100% true is God is everywhere. He will meet me at any place I am at in life. Whether I'm in Eugene, Oregon or Abu Dhabi, I know He will meet me here if I just ask him. 
So I am asking Him now. I am going to make my relationship with Christ a priority again. My prayer journal will be filled with prayers, thoughts, emotions, struggles, loves, praises and I'm giving it all to Him.

Have you made any changes spiritually when you are feeling empty?

God Bless!

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