Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Engagement Sesh.

This summer I had a wonderful opportunity to shoot my best friend's wedding. I have to tell you I was so nervous. This was someones special day and I wanted them to be able to remember it by having beautiful pictures taken. She is gorgeous. He is handsome. It wasn't so hard after all :) When you're in love, the pictures just turn out beautiful.
This weekend I get another opportunity to use my camera. Our great friends Brian and Caoimhe are getting married come July and they have asked me to take a few engagement pictures of them to have. I am SO excited. I have picked out a few places in Dubai that I think are perfect! Luckily the weather is so nice right now with a gently breeze blowing, so there should be no sweat involved! (Well, except from the nervous photographer!) Keevs is absolutely beautiful and Brian's not so bad either, so I know I'll at least get a few great shots! :) This shoot will be so fun, I can't wait!
I did do some research to make sure that PDA was okay in places and to make sure I won't get in trouble for having them pose certain ways. I think I am in the clear. I saw some professional websites of photographers and they had people kissing, holding hands, and hugging. So Bri and Keev, get ready to love on each other!
Wish me luck! :)
God bless!

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  1. Way to go Cass! Now you know how nervous I was for YOUR wedding! You will do amazing I can't wait to see the pics :)


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