Monday, October 8, 2012

The Weekend.

Another glorious weekened here in Abu Dhabi. I have loads of pictures to show you all! :)
On Thursday night Justin and I had our favorite new restaurant called Wagamama's (seriously if you don't love the name you can slap yo'self) and had delicious food! Justin and I are in love with edamame now because of this place. MMMmmmm
Friday morning was the first Throwdown at The Burn Room! It was seriously so cool to see all the fit people (ok most of them) of Abu Dhabi come together for one event. Justin, Emily, Craig, and Laura were on a team and they smashed it! I am so proud of the hubs for his two PR's on his power snatch and clean and jerk. So cool! I was the supporting wife/photographer for the event :) There were 4 teams that represented The Burn Room and they did such an awesome job! So proud to be a Burn Roomer!
I made the ever-so-fattening cookie/oreo/brownies after the throwdown. WOW! Delicious.
On Saturday morning Justin and I slept in woke ourselves up at 8:30, got ready and had a nice sit down breakfast together at a cafe. Because I am so cool and have my UAE drivers license now, I drove all by myself to the Dubai Mall (largest in the world boo ya!) to go to the Organic Store to pick up a few groceries. I snapped a quick picture of The Burj Khalifa (tallest building in the world boo ya x2!) as I ran outside the mall. It's still partly "Summer" here which means the temperatures aren't melting off your skin anymore, but it is still roasting at 12:00 in the afternoon.
Another weekend gone and in the books with our amazing friends! Oh and the Ducks gave another beat down! BOOM!
God bless! :)

A clean and jerk PR myself :) 130 pounds!

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