Friday, October 12, 2012

My wants and dreams.

I want to be a great wife.
I dream to be an inspiring photographer.
I want to spend more time making my blog better.
I dream of being healthy and being the best Crossfiter I can be.
I want to be a wonderful teacher that reaches all my kids.
I dream of owning a bakery that serves healthy and delicious treats. 

I feel I am torn in so many different directions. I want to be a gym rat that lives and breathes Crossfit. I want to enjoy the food I love and eat lots of chocolate. I want to take a photography class and take beautiful pictures. I want to learn more about technology and make my blog better. I want to be a better teacher that utilizes all the resources that are out there. I want to cook and bake all day and give my food to people to eat and enjoy. 
I feel I am half-doing everything in my life. There is not one thing I am completely 100% committed to. Of course, I teach everyday, Crossfit 5-6 days a week, bring goodies to work every Monday, and take pictures and blog when I can, but sometimes I want to just give ONE thing my all. 
I know I blame a lot of it on being overseas and not being completely in my comfort zone where I can do certain things, go certain places that I know. I can't print off worksheets at school, I can't drive to Walmart to get anything and everything I need, I can't do crafts or decorate the house, just to move in a few years, I can't bake if we are in a hotel for 3 nights out of the week. I can't, I can't. Bla bla.
I can continue to trust in God that He will put on my heart what He wants me to do. He will wipe away the desires I shouldn't focus on and make clear the ones I should. I am blessed to be able to do the things I CAN. I can do Crossfit with all my limbs attached. I can go to work everyday to try to give my best with what I have. I can bake and cook for my husband and others at work to bring them joy. I have an awesome camera that I can take some good pictures with. 
My life is good. Sometimes, it's just hard to see past the fog.

What are your wants and dreams?

God bless!


  1. hey Cass..i love this post, you're aspiring to be happy and grateful no matter what and i admire xxx Tamara


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