Monday, October 15, 2012

Mat Kearney and The Fray.

 This was our first rodeo. Ok, they don't have rodeos in the Middle East, but this was our first SanDance. SanDance is a big concert on the beach that brings tons of different artists from all over the world to preform. It is held at Atlantis in Dubai. Yes, people get really really drunky-crazy. Yes we luahged at them.
Mat Kearney is originally from Eugene (HOLLA!) so we were pretty excited that another Oregonian would be in our midst. He was scheduled to start at 5:00 which is just around sundown around here these days. It was incredibly hot still, but we at least had a nice breeze blowing off the water. We got to the beach about 4/4:30, and since we were 2 of about the 10 people that actually knew Mat Kearney, we got front row! Boom.
He got on stage about 5:20/5:30 and the crowd started to fill up a little bit. He said his greetings and Justin, like a true Duck fan said, "Go ducks!". He seemed a little surprised to have heard this from all the way over here, but of course, he replied, "Heeyy Go ducks!" right back at us! It was awesome!
It was so cool to know that God was in Dubai in such a big way. Most people had no idea of his background, the type of music he sung, or the person he was, but we knew that in his heart of hearts, he was a believer. And that was such a cool feeling.
The Fray came on shortly after and put on such a great show! He was in the crowd, on top of the piano, climbed to the very top of the cage, he was awesome. We were loving every minute! It was both Mat and The Fray's first time in the Middle East and I have a feeling they will be back.
Here are some pics from the night!

Blurry, I know, but I just wanted you to see how close he was to us! I touched him!!! :)

God bless!

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