Thursday, October 18, 2012

1. A bad day to start. 2. You Challenge

After scarfing down a Dairy Milk bar of chocolate on Monday night for no good reason other than it was in front of my face and I was watching TV, I decided that I needed to make a change. I am addicted to sugar. Like bad. I crave it, long for it, love it. If I don't have something sweet (or something I consider sweet) once a day, I go crazy. I expect to have a little treat after dinner almost every night. I know. I'm a freak.
So I made myself a deal. I can only have sweets (froyo\ice cream for me) on Fridays. Nothing else. Not even a square of Dairy Milk. Or a jolly rancher. (They don't have those here, but I am having trouble at the moment thinking of small candies.) It's going to be hard. It's going to suck. (Sorry wgmil, I had to) But it needs to happen. I need to kick my addiction to sugar! Who's with me!?
Well...on the first day of my "challenge" it was horrible. First thing in the morning I was in the computer lab grading some papers and Justin hands me piece of chocolate he was given. I almost ate it, and threw it back at him. Then a sweet little second grader came into my room from another class with a handful of Eclair chocolates (delicious) and I took them thankfully, and put them away in my cupboard (for later obvi). Then after school my good friend Serene made her famous carrot cake with cream cheese frosting!!! Oh my goodness my tummy was freaking out mad at me that I was not putting all this deliciousness inside it!
Terrible. Terrible.
It is now day 3 and I haven't had any sweets. I am surviving, but I am counting down the hours until tomorrow and I can have my froyo/ice cream whatever I choose!! :) YAAAAY!

I am so slacking these days, I hate not having internet at home.
Eight Fears. This will be even easier than 9 loves. I am scared of everything.
1. Small spaces. Yes, I am claustrophobic.
2. Not being able to move my limbs. Justin knows this and likes to pin me down sometimes where I can't move and I scream bloody murder. It's hilarious.
3. The dark. Yep.
4. Red eyes looking at me through a window. I know they're there.
5. Windows at night in general. Won't look outside. Nope.
6. There will be a milk shortage and I won't be able to eat cereal or ice cream.
7. Clowns. Yes, my mother in law went to clown school, but I did not know Justin then. Thank goodness. She's a nice clown though. So it's ok.
8. Crawly things. Spiders, snakes, certain bugs, eww eww. Hate them.
Well, now you know. I could've kept going by the way.
Happy weekend to meeeeee! I will be up at 6:00 am tomorrow morning on my weekend so I can stream in the Duck game! So stinkin' excited it's insane!

God Bless!

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  1. I think I might try your no sweets but once a week! I need to kick my sugar habit, really badly! I am in! :-) Secondly, I think I might steal your 10 Day You Challenge...hope you don't mind!

    P.S. Logan and I are hoping to get to UEA next summer [well, probably in September]. :-)!


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