Thursday, October 18, 2012

A personal struggle.

I usually am not so personal when it comes to blogging. I tell stories about my life and things that happen to me, but I don't really share a lot of personal information. I am letting down my guard tonight.   You may think it's gross or a little TMI, but this is my life and the struggles that I go through.
When we first moved out to Abu Dhabi I started having a lot of pain in my stomach. Certain days I would wake up feeling skinny as ever and the next morning I would wake up feeling like I gained 15 pounds overnight. I was bloated all day. Not just the little gassyness feeling your stomach gets, but hurt to touch, looked pregnant type of bloating. This went on for a few months and I just thought my body was going through a lot of changes with the move, starting a new job, getting married...etc. 
I talked to a friend at work and she suggested Probiotics. I started taking those and they were like magic. I wouldn't go a single day without taking one of my magic pills. (oh lord, I sound like a druggy) There was finally something that was working and giving my body and stomach relief. But of course, a few months later, it starting coming back. I went to the doctor in Abu Dhabi to have multiple tests done, blood work, scans, ultrasound, I had it all. 
Negative. Everything, negative.
I made an appointment with my regular doctor back home so when we came back for summer I could go see her right away. When I did, she told me something that I had never even thought of and after hearing all my symptoms, it all made sense. I had IBS.
I had to have her explain it to me, because what I thought IBS was, it actually isn't. She began to tell me it has everything to do with your intestines (located in your gut) and not so much on the back end (hint hint). This was where all the bloating and pain was coming from. I was thrilled! A doctor finally gave me some new information!
I walked away happy as ever, ready to fight this stupid thing that was making my life miserable. Wrong. I walked away knowing what I had, but now knowing what to do. I did some research that night and actually found out that there is not a one-thing solution that will cure it. It is different for everyone. Some foods can harm one type of person, but be completely okay for another. Back at square one. 
I tried keeping a food journal. Fail. I tried not eating whole grains. Fail. One thing I do know that makes my stomach crazy is oats. No more oatmeal for me. But I still can't figure out what it is. I was tested to see if I was allergic to gluten and that came back negative. I am just sick and tired of the way I feel. 
I work out at 5-6 days a week, I eat a mostly healthy diet, but because of this I feel completely disgusting. I am not comfortable. It messes with my moods. It messes with my life. My poor husband walks in on me balling my eyes out and he has no idea what is wrong! (Love you Jus) 
I guess why I am sharing this with you is to let you know that everyone is struggling with something. Everyone is fighting a hard battle. 
Pray. Please pray for me. 

God bless.

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