Sunday, September 16, 2012

Reminiscing through snap shots.

Do you know what I do sometimes when I'm bored? I look at pictures. Other people's, my own, whomever I come across. I love pictures. It's a snap shot of a moment in time. It's a memory that you will have forever. 
I was looking through some of our old pictures and a smile came to my face with out even knowing it. The happy moments that were once in motion are now framed still-shots. You can replay that moment in your head as if you were reliving it right then and there. It's amazing what a picture can do to your heart; good or bad. I know there are plenty of pictures that can make me weep and thousands that can make me laugh. That's the beauty of a photograph. It can say a million things without saying anything at all.
As I was browsing through our old pictures I fell in love again. I fell in love with my life. What a beautiful life God has blessed us with. And I am so excited to keep taking snapshots as we go through this life together. 
Here are some snap shots of our life that I would like to share with you:

Mercedes and I move into our first apartment together my Junior year at NCU! :) AKA The Pumpkin.

Mine and Justin's first picture taken together. Such babies!

Our millionth picture taken together for our One Year Marriage Anniversary :)

All smiles as I break the home run record for my Gramps. Missing you always!

Camp Adventure in Russia my Sophomore Summer!

Birthday in NYC!

21st birthday dinner with my Ange!

First Christmas home with the pops and brofy.

First time meeting my new Gran Ann!!

Honeymooning in Cancun!

Beach bums!

Kauai trip with The Ahrens.

Friday, fun day softball practice senior year with my love Layners.

My first wedding shoot and watching my beautiful BFF get hitched!

NYC view from The Empire State Building.

Spring Formal Junior year with Brookey!



With our buds.

Giving me away.

Tri and Charles sneakin a smooch!

Best day of my life.

Crossfit Games 2012.

NCU Volleyball. 

Engaged on top of The Burj Khalifa!

Engagement pictures.

Egypt 2010.


Crossfit Freaks.

Moms and I Christmas break :)

Justin's sweet mama during her visit to the UAE.

Fun, isn't it?! :)
God bless!

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  1. Love this Cass :) Always fun to reminisce through the years!


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