Thursday, September 20, 2012

Quotes of the week.

You know the 'ol saying, "kids say the darnest things"? Well, being a teacher has definitely let my kids live up to this expectation. I am going to try to post "quotes of the week" that my kids say so you can laugh just as hard (hopefully) as I do while I'm standing up, teaching in the middle of class. 
This week, I have 3. 

Me: "Abdulla, did you get your eyes checked last night to see if you need glasses?"
Abdulla: "Aw, no miss! I forgot my eyes at home!"

He was dead serious.

Same kid. A few periods later. 
Abdulla needed to use the restroom while we were just leaving the library so I told him to go while we walked back. We came back to class and almost 10 minutes had passed, so I sent my wonderful assistant out to find him. She came back laughing hysterically.
Farah: "Abdulla, what did you do, fall asleep in the toilet."
Abdulla: "Yes, sorry miss, I fell asleep in the toilet."

Seriously. He did.

I like to think I do lots of fun things with my class as classroom management strategies and just for plain fun. So when someone gets an answer right, or do something really good in class I give them praise by saying, "Shaikha's a winner, winner!" And the class will follow suit and say, "chicken dinner!"
They love it.
So I have a wonderful boy who sits at the front table and I think by the end of the year he will drive my head into the wall. HA! He asks questions right after you answered them, says "what do I do miss?" after just explaining the directions 5 times. It's lovely. I can't get mad at him though because he is so dang funny. During math, we were answering problems off of the smartboard so they had lots of opportunities to say "chicken dinner!" This boy was very excited, but he kept missing the group, and would always be too late and say it after. My rule is, if you miss it with the group, don't say anything at all and interrupt the class. So every time, I kept telling him, you need to be faster, or you'll miss it with the group! So the last time we did, he was ready. He was perched up in his seat, neck about to pop off his head from stretching it. So when I said, "Mohamed's a winner, winner!" The whole class repeated it and right when they were about to finish my little Yousif shouts, "CHICKEN!!" at the top of his lungs. We didn't want to miss the chant, and he was going to explode if he didn't get the words out. 
I just about died. I had to go sit in my chair behind my desk because I was laughing so hard.

I hope you got a few laughs in because I know I sure needed those funny moments these past few days. 

God bless!

Here is a very blurry blackberry picture of me and my class on Winter Day :)

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