Thursday, September 13, 2012

Crossfit: Beauty in Strength.

My husband posted this video today called Crossfit: Beauty in Strength.
It is such an inspiring video for women. Women have always had such pressure put on them because they are too skinny, too fat, too muscly, not enough muscle; it is so sad to see beautiful women who are unhappy with their bodies just because the world tells them something different. 
Because of Crossfit, I have gained muscle. And with this muscle has come confidence. Such a different confidence than I have ever had. It has made me want to work harder and be healthier. Though I still struggle with body image, as I am sure every girl does, I know that when I look in the mirror, the work I am putting in is paying off. My goals have become muscle ups and handstand push ups rather than losing 10 pounds to fit into skinny jeans. Muscles are empowering and when I get a new PR on pull ups and clean and jerk, it's such a cool feeling. A better feeling than starving myself and feeling unhappy. Thank you Crossfit for this empowerment and this confidence of being a woman. Strong is the new skinny, ladies :)
Girls, if you are worried about going to the gym to become "bulky", watch this video. Your perception of beauty will change; mine did.

God bless!

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