Sunday, September 2, 2012


Our Hawaii trip was amazing. Such a relaxing time together as we came off a crazy end to what seemed like the hardest year of my life. It was so nice to go to the beach for a few hours and lay in the sun and not be melting (aka in the desert). We had a great couple of days with my best friend and her new hubby! I got to shoot their wedding photos so I'll be doing a post on that soon :)
We tried stand-up paddle boarding for the first time! Oh my goodness, I have not laughed that hard in quite some time. Justin, for the life of him, could not stay balanced on his board and would fall in every 5 seconds. Jeffrey (the bff's hubs) would start dying laughing at him and would loose his balance and would fall in right after him. Alisha and I had such a great time making fun of the both of them as we would graciously paddle by :)
We also did a bit of Crossfitting there at Lahaina Crossfit and I did my first tire flips! (see below) We're even on their website in one of the pictures! Whoop!
All in all it was such an amazing, relaxing trip. Lots of memories made. So blessed with the lives we have, thank you Jesus.
Enjoy some snap shots of the trip!
God Bless!


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