Saturday, September 1, 2012

Living with the top down.

This summer my husband and I were very blessed. In one trip we witnessed an amazing couple start their lives together by saying "I do", and we celebrated our one year anniversary by saying, "I still do". Not to mention we did this all in Maui, Hawaii :) (I am spoiled)
As a secret anniversary present Justin upgraded our rental car to a white mustang convertible. WOW. Not only was it a sight to see from the outside, but by riding in it on the love. Who knew that this little convertible would inspire me so much.
Towards the end of our trip we took a drive down some old windy roads, gazing out, looking at the beautiful scenery God has created. As the warm Hawaiian breeze was blowing through my hair I started thinking about the things I was seeing, the things I was feeling. I got to see these beautiful things. I got to smell these beautiful things. I got to feel these beautiful things. I got to hear these beautiful things. Riding with the top down gave us a whole new experience of where we were. It was open, there were no boundaries to what we could do. We were experiencing everything the way God intended us to experience this place: free.
I started thinking about how sometimes we live life with the top up. We put up walls and boundaries because we don't think God will make a way, we don't think He will follow through with what He said. "I will never leave you, nor forsake you." That is what He said. 
I wondered how our trip would have been if we would have not had this convertible. Most people don't get convertibles when they go to Hawaii, how will they experience what I experienced? But that's just what is was. It was my experience with God where He showed me His beautiful creation. I got to feel His beautiful creation. Do I think that you won't experience God unless you are driving down a back road in the beautiful Hawaiian islands, no. But taking the top down as we drive through life can be such a wonderful thing. Roll down the windows, let the breeze through your hair; experience life as it was meant to be! 

I hope you all had an amazing week and are having a great weekend! Justin starts his first day with kids tomorrow and I on Monday. Be prayin!

God Bless and Go Ducks!

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