Monday, September 3, 2012

First Day Of School.

I don't think my first day of school could have gone any better! Seriously.
I absolutely love my kids (please don't make me eat my words next week) and we got along so well. I only had 14 of 25 show up today, but that just means more of a reason for me to continue to shove rules and procedures down their throats as the rest show! That sounds really horrific.
I absolutely love my assistant. She is so helpful and willing. And present! ;)
I have a really good schedule, where I am doing the big chunks of teaching in the morning. For a refresher, we do it like middle/high school; in periods. Each period lasts 40 minutes. I teach all but Arabic, Islamic, and Arabic Social Studies. Oh wait! We have PE, Art, music, and computer specialists this year, so I won't have to be teaching those! Are you teachers jealous yet? :)
I know we are so blessed here with our breaks we get during the day, so I am taking full advantage of having some breathing room. I am still teaching the same amount as last year, each period is just shortened by 10 minutes. I am a little nervous to get everything in during a 40 minute time frame, but I think I'll be okay.
I am so pleased and happy with the way today turned out. I was so nervous and skeptical, especially with the way things worked last year. I did not want to have another year like that. Ever. Ever. So coming off of that, I was a bit scared.
I have the cutest kids, seriously. At least 3 mini ones that look like they could still be kinders. SO CUTE. I have a few talkers, but none that are throwing pencils at my head and telling me to shut up. So that's much different than last year already! :)
Praising God for was is seeming like a great year so far. I praised Him in the storm last year, I am hoping to praise Him in the sun this year :)
God Bless!
Teachers, are you nervous/excited for this upcoming year? Parents how are you feeling sending your kiddos off?


  1. Peanut butter & blackberry jam

    1. Is this you, Dad? I don't know what that means!


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