Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Good news, twin babies, and a long weekend ahead.

  • Today we received pretty much the best news we have gotten in a long time regarding work. 1. We found out we have a three-day weekend soon, giving us June 17th off. (We NEVER get days off so this is BIG!) 2. School will be ending 2 days earlier, putting our last day with kiddos the 26th of June. Oh my gosh, that is so soon! I can't believe I am pretty much finished with my first year of teaching! Thank goodness! Seriously, thank goodness. I cannot wait for my first year to be over, for so many reasons. 
  • Our friends Layla and Stuart had their adorable twin baby boys last night. We got to visit them in the hospital tonight and I seriously wanted to take them home (No, I am not babynapper). They are so tiny and so precious, I could seriously just stare at them for hours. I will post pics soon, I didn't want to scare them by barging in with my humongous camera and start flashing them (with my camera) right in their little faces. Just imagine the most adorable babies and you will see Jake and Luke :)
  • Justin and I are making our annual trip up to Dubai again this weekend, but we will be heading up a day earlier this time. We normally just drive up after our StopTheClock session Friday morning, but Justin will be teaching two classes tomorrow night at The Burn Room so we're spending the whole weekend up there! We get to hang out/crash at Amanda and Ikaika's super cute pad for a few days. We are so thankful for them. 

I hope to soak up some major rays, relax, sweat a lot in The Burn Room, maybe convince Ikaika and Justin to let Amanda and I go nuts at the mall, and hopefully eat a delicious piece of carrot cake from the Lime Tree. (more on that later)

I hope everyone is having a great week!! Here are some pics from our night out in Dubai for Justin's birthday. They are a hoot. 

God bless!

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