Monday, June 4, 2012

Birthday for The Hubs.

Yesterday, June 3rd, 2012 was the 25th year my husband has been on the earth. Man he is getting old!
We had a great weekend with friends up in Dubai celebrating! Some of you may read this next part and wonder, why in the world would you give that to him as a present? How in the world would someone enjoy that? But, if you know Justin, you know that he enjoyed every last second of his first present.
Craig from The Burn Room also had a birthday this weekend, his is the 2nd of June, so his wonderful girlfriend Emily and I (mostly her) came up with a great idea for the both of them. We gathered 6 workouts from different groups people in their lives. We had ones from Emily and I, their family, StopTheClock, The Burn Room, The Beast Squad, and the other trainers from The Burn Room.
We convinced the boys that we had to meet at The Burn Room for a team WOD that we were doing for their birthdays. They of course believed us, and we got them there around the same time. We also had a bunch of their friends already there ready to cheer them on during their "Bromance Birthday WOD"! This was a surprise to them. We had two chairs set up in the middle of the room and had them sit down with everyone gathered around. Emily wrapped the workouts into little packages so the boys "thought" they would be opening real presents. They opened 6 different packages to find 6 different workouts all signed by 6 different groups of people.

Then the madness began! Let me tell you, they were dead! Can you imagine doing 6 different Crossfit workouts in one day? Luckily for them, the cashout was CAKE! Emily made a delicious zucchini cake with cream cheese frosting (I will be replicating soon) and we devoured it.
A huge thank you to Emily for working so hard this week with barely any of my help! You rock girlfriend!
Later that night after everyone was showered and dolled up we met up at The Meat Co. for dinner. There were about 13 of us and we did some damage!

We then went out on the town and had a complete blast with our friends. Many memories made and we are so blessed to have our family away from family!
Check out the pics from the weekend.

Look at my buff husband!!!

God bless!

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