Sunday, June 10, 2012

What a weekend.

Another busy weekend in the books! We are winding down our time here in Abu Dhabi before we head home for the summer, and I am getting so giddy to make the 25 hour flight trip. (seriously)
We had loads of fun this weekend and I am sure each and every day is going to get better and better as we get closer and closer to home!!!
Here are some pics from our crazy weekend. We had quite the plethora of events! Relaxing on the Dubai Marina, Fight Night for our very good friend Craig, dinners with friends, Justin's final birthday dinner back in Abu Dhabi, lots of workouts and classes! Busy bees, we are!
A huge shout out to our friend Craig who put up a completely BEAST performance in his first ever fight!

1-3: Dubai Marina buildings. 4-6: The gang at fight night. 7: The Beast himself, Craig Harriman.
8: Celebrating Justin's bday...again :) 9-13: Dinner at Afya's with our beautiful friends.


  1. Replies
    1. No, he did not. Round 1: 29-28 Craig, Round 2 28-29 other guy, Round 3 28-29 other guy. He did great though for never being in the ring before!!! Who is this by the way? :)


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