Friday, June 15, 2012

Detox: Day 2 and 3.

Day 2 and 3 of The Detox have been going well. I have noticed I am a little more hungry on Day 3, but it is also the weekend, so I have much more free time and less stress. My body is finally relaxing, so it is noticing I am changing what I put in it! I am still trying to stick to the plan, but if I think I need to add something else, I will let you know :)
ALSO spinach points to me (I would say brownie but that would just make me want to eat a brownie) at school it was the last day for Grades 4 and 5, they will have finals the next week and a half, so of course they had parties GALORE on Thursday. Parties here a little different from home. The kids bring in 10 boxes of Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kremes, liters of soda, candy bars, cake, cupcakes and anything else that would make your stomach vomit on the inside, and they consume it all day. They could have a different teacher each period, so in each class they could have a separate party. WOW they were nuts yesterday. 
They also love to share. So I had about 15 4th and 5th graders knocking on my door during my lessons and asking if I wanted any sweets. Do you know about my love for donuts? Well, I love them. End of story.  So saying no was like turning down a million dollars. I will CONFESS though. Justin, the meanie that he is, sent one of his 5th graders to my door with a mini Krispy Kreme donut about the size of my pinky and... I ATE IT! I'm sorry. I did it. I couldn't help it. But you know what, it was delicious. No regrets!
Now that it is the weekend and we finally get to relax, Jus and I are taking full advantage of our 3 days off. We had StopTheClock this morning and we all about died. Again. I feel like I say that a lot after my workouts. Gotta love Crossfit. 
4 Rounds:
100m run/swim
15 OH walking lunges #15
15 Jug Burpees #15
You'd think it'd be simple. 3 exercises? No prob. 
Nope, took me 20 minutes. I was dying. I can't tell you how much the heat plays a factor into your workouts. And this is at 8 am. No joke, it's probably over 90 degrees, pushing 100 at 8 am. It HOT!!!
Yay for the weekend!!
That was the last of our StopTheClock sessions for the summer! Wow, I can't believe it! We've spend 6 months meeting the most wonderful people, and we are so blessed for it. If any of you are reading this, thank you. We love you and hope to see you in a few months!!

God bless!

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