Thursday, June 14, 2012

Detox: Day 1.

Well, I completed Day 1 of my new "eating habits" and so far so good. I was a bit worried that I would be starving during the day, but it actually turned out pretty perfect. I had my normal 2 eggs and fruit smoothie in the morning, muesli and Greek yogurt for snack, protein drink and protein bar for lunch, nuts with dried mango end of the day snack, and finished off with a protein drink for dinner.
The WOD was Deck of Death at StopTheClock, so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get a PR. Deck of Death is explained by you completing a deck of cards, each suit representing a different exercise.
Hearts= squats, diamonds= sit ups, clovers (I call them)= push ups, and spades= lunges. Aces= a 100 m run, and the two jokers are 15 burpees. So you end up doing 85 of each exercise (plus a 400m run and 30 burpees) it is just at random what exercises you get. It had been a few months since I had done this workout, so I was pretty nervous. I knew that even if I didn't PR on time, I would be PRing anyway, because I am now doing hand release push ups, and before I was doing sissy pants knee push ups (sorry to those who do knees haha!)
Like sweat dripping into your eyes not letting you see, hot. I didn't PR, on time, but I knew I was doing everything RX and doing it the way it was designed. Go me!
So, when we got home and showered, I really wasn't that hungry. I made myself a protein shake (I put a few ice cubes in there to make it really cold) and it was delicious!! And that seriously filled me up. I was satisfied. So I skyped with my BFF for a couple hours and hit the hay!

Feel free to send feedback if you've done a juice fast or changed up your eating habits recently! How have you changed? Do you feel different? Leave me a comment about your thoughts.

God bless!!

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