Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Singin' the sick blues.

First, I would just like to welcome myself back to the blogging and social media world, because for the past two days I have been a little out of it! 
It started on Sunday night when we went to Chamas with our friends Layla and Stuart. I was telling Layla at the table that my throat had been hurting and the words "I really hope I don't get strep throat again" came floating out of my mouth. The next morning, of course: strep throat.
I stayed home from work, only after being forced to go to the clinic to get sick leave, got some antibiotics and stayed in bed all day. Justin came home from school before he headed to the gym to check on me, ordered me my favorite chicken soup from downstairs, and I proceeded to be a lazy bum in bed. I told everyone that I would be back at work the next day.
Woke up the next morning in more pain than the first day, still not able to talk or swallow without pain, adding a throbbing headache and my nose started to run. I went back to the clinic to get another sick leave and headed back home to watch more movies. My tummy started feeling a little funny, but I thought it was because the only things I had eaten in two days were a couple fruit bars, bowl of chicken soup, and cereal. So I stood up to make myself some toast with jam. I went to eat it- NOPE-headed to the bathroom. 
A little TMI sorry, but ALL the things I had eaten in the past 3 days (including Chamas) came right up out of my little body within a matter of about 30 seconds. So now I had: strep throat, sneezy-runny-nose-cold, threw up, sinus headache...did I miss anything? It has been a painful couple of days. I DID however find Vicks Vapor Rub downstairs at the market and I was absolutely thrilled! I can smell and breathe for at least 15 seconds before my nose clogs up again!!!
You can safely say that my nose is raw, I've used up at least half my bottle of hand sanitizer at school, and I cannot wait for the weekend. One more day! Hope you are all staying healthy, wealthy, and wise. Ok, at least healthy. 
God bless!

I hope you ate breakfast/lunch/dinner already but I think I looked a little like this...

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