Monday, May 7, 2012


What a better thing to do on your sick day than post about MEAT. Lots and lots of meat.
Chamas is a Brazilian restaurant here in Abu Dhabi at the Intercontinental Hotel. I've had the pleasure to compare this Brazilian smorgasbord to an authentic one that my family and I ate at in Brazil. Let me tell you, whether you're in Sao Paulo or in Abu Dhabi it is DELICIOUS.
It is so cool the way they serve you. You first can start at the salad bar (but who would really waste their time!) and within 5 minutes, 4 men with giant meat skewers are right up in your face asking if you want beef sirloin, ribs, leg of lamb, or picante something! Saying yes to everything, you are overwhelmed by the time you look at your plate to see the giant load of meat you are about to consume! But let me tell you: holy moly it is goooooood. The meat is grilled over a giant open fire grill right behind the counter. Your coaster has two colors; green and red. If you want to continue stuffing your face, keep it on green. If you are too stuffed to move and think you might explode from the meat consumption, turn it to red!
BUT! My favorite thing to eat there is not the meat. It is the grilled pineapple. Have you ever tasted something that literally made you think you were eating a piece of heaven? Oh my gosh it is so delicious. Literally melting in your mouth, piece of heaven.
We went with our good friends Layla and Stuart (who are expecting twins in a few weeks!) and Layla is the cutest prego lady! I just love prego bellies. I got to feel one of the little guys moving around during dinner! I think he was so happy that his mama was feeding him such great food. 
Here are some photos of the night!

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