Sunday, May 6, 2012

Kicking human trafficking in the booty.

Well folks, we finished our first set of the 27 million project and I can say, today is the first day where I can walk without looking like a have a pole up my you-know-where. A grueling 10.5 hours in the 104 degree sun, we completed our 400 laps. What an accomplishment we did with our group of StopTheClockers. Justin and I were so proud that not one single member of our team gave up, despite some injuries. We were so proud to walk away from the track knowing that we completed the goal we set out to do and did it with heart. Way to go team!
It was so amazing to watch about 30-40 different people with completely different backgrounds, upbringings, and from different parts of the world take time out of their day to come and kick human trafficking in the booty!
Though running 10.5 hours was not on our bucket list, and is something we will NEVER do again, it was well worth it. We had a choice to run. We had a choice to quit, stay, walk, run, sit, stand. Those people who we were running for did not. They did not have a choice to be enslaved. And I think that is what kept us going; the reason we were there is what kept us going. Thank you Jesus for our freedom in You, and thank you for the opportunity to spread the word about this dreadful crime. Though our actions were small, we can still be proud of the work we accomplished to help do our part in this giant world.

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