Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I love food.

It is just pretty simple: I love food. I am obsessed with it. I love to look at it, eat it, smell it, everything. I could (and do) find myself browsing the internet for new recipes (mostly that i'll never make), enjoy movies about cooking (love Julie&Julia), and love eating things I know I'll love.
My mother is probably reading this in awe because she knows what kind of eater I am: a picky one. When I was little I did not eat any vegetables and would sit and protest at the dinner table that I would not place the peas and carrots in my mouth. I even hid them in my glass of milk or underneath the mashed potatoes. But now, I would like to think of myself to have a much more mature food pallet. 
I still do not, however, enjoy many vegetables, but I am lately craving them. Justin is so sick and tired of hearing me say this, but I wish so badly that I did. I would love nothing more than to eat a fresh, juicy tomato on top of my turkey sandwich. When I go to Subway to not have to skip the entire vegetable section and just say, "only mustard please". But no, my stupid taste buds will not allow it.
So, you vegetable eaters: be thankful that your little buds will let you eat all the wonderful, healthy veggies of the world. I'll keep downing my spinach and fruit smoothies in pure jealousy.

Yes, I just did a whole blog about food. Deal.

On the menu for tonight:

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