Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The 6 second kiss.

I read a post a few months back about a rule a couple had. It was called the 6 second kiss rule. Before her and her husband left for work, every morning they would kiss each other for 6 seconds. When I read this post, I pictured Justin and I in the morning. 
The alarm goes off after the 3rd snooze and I roll out of bed to hop in the shower. Justin gets up, browses the internet (usually until I am out, then he gets up to take his turn in the hot water. We start to make breakfast, put on my face, hair done, shoes on, lunches made, and we rush out the door! There were no I love you's, good mornings, anything. Every once in awhile we ask how the other slept, but we are usually too much of walking zombies. 
So when I found this article, I ran it by Justin if this was something he would be interested in taking part in. I was very happy he agreed. Our mornings still have the same routine, we are still rushing out the door, but as soon as those elevator doors close to take us down 5 floors, we pucker up and give a smooch for exactly 6 seconds. (Everyone at once, "awwwwww") 
Everyone's lives seem to be so busy; running around with kids, work, fitness, parenting...the list really goes on and on. Giving the one you love just a couple seconds out of your day to show them you love them should not be so hard, right? God gave us a partner for life for a reason. He gave us someone to love. You'd be surprised to see what 6 seconds can do for your marriage or your relationship. I know I look forward to it every morning, and I will continue to do so for years to come.

God bless!


  1. Good job Cassie! Great advice for couples. :-)

  2. good reminder Cass...with creativity and patience you can do alot in 6 seconds...

  3. The poor security camera guy having to watch you two smooch! :~)


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