Sunday, May 20, 2012

Somewhere over the weekend.

Once again we had a busy weekend full of fun. Our school year is finally winding down, slowly but it's coming. I do not know a teacher in this place that cannot freaking wait is not ready for Summer Break. It has been such a long year and I am ready for some good 'ol Oregon sunshine, fresh cut grass, and lots of camping trips.
Remember that adorable prego lady I pictured a few posts back from our dinner at Chamas? Well, she had her baby shower on Thursday night after school at the City Golf Club. I wish I could say she had her beautiful baby boys, but we have to wait a few more weeks! Ah I can't wait to have some babies in my life. It seems like forever since I've held a baby! And with two? Oh my goodness, hurry Layla and pop already!
Speaking of beautiful babies, look at this picture I found:
Seriously is that not the cutest thing you have ever seen?

Friday we had a killer stoptheclock session and we all were dead on the ground after. It is getting so stinking hot, even when we changed our time to 8:00 instead of 9:00 it is still almost 90 degrees at 8 in the morning. And HUMID. We then spent a few hours at the pool and headed up early to Dubai to have dinner with Ikaika and Amanda. PF Chang's = nom nom!
Saturday Justin taught his first class at The Burn Room. I was so proud of him to see him in his element, doing what he loves. We both can't wait for the day when he can finally run his own box. Afterwards our friends Emily and Craig (owner of The Burn Room) hosted a BBQ! It felt just like home! It was so nice. We had chips and guac, carrots and hummus, a Craig BBQ'd up a ton of meat. It was great. Though we had to make the late drive back to Abu Dhabi and didn't get to bed a little after 11, it was well worth it! 5:45 came waaaayyyyy too early this morning!

I hope you all had a great weekend as well (well for most of you it is just starting)!
I still haven't gotten used to the time AND weekend change. For those of you wondering, the work week is as follows:
Sunday-Thursday, work
Friday-Saturday, weekend.
Weird, right?
It's because Friday is considered their holy day here, instead of our Sunday.

Alright I'll love you and leave you.

God bless!

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