Thursday, April 19, 2012

Weekend Recap

Since we are in Abu Dhabi and the weekends are Friday-Saturday instead of Saturday-Sunday (still haven't adjusted) and time difference is 11 hours ahead from home, my weekend is now over! Boo. Justin and I had a busy weekend with one of our StopTheClock sessions, a drive up to Dubai to watch the Red Bull X-Fighters motocross, a session at The Burn Room, then a late drive back home to sleep in today and do nothing but watch our favorite: Cougar Town, The Amazing Race, and American Gangster before realizing we had wasted the whole day laying in bed. But then again, is laying in bed with your hubby all day wasting time? I sure do not think so! :)
Here are some pictures from our weekend. I did not take these amazing photos because 1. there were SO many "idiots" that I like to call them, walking right in front of me the entire time they were jumping. 2 ALL the tall guys decided that they would stand right. in. front. of. me. 3. they were going SO fast it was hard to get a good shot!
The event was held at JBR in Dubai and it was seriously such a well run event! It was right on the beach, with the the Burj Al Arab not far from view. It was such a beautiful place to hold it. We were a little disappointed they were not giving away free Red Bull though! :)
1. Our WOD's at The Burn Room 2-3. The awesome guys doing jumps at JBR for the Red Bull X-Fighters event.

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