Thursday, April 19, 2012

I ♥ Phi Phi (no pun intended)

Well here they are as promised, some snap shots from our amazing trip to Thailand! I'll just post my favorites because there is definitely not enough room for all 300!
1-5. Our Elephant Trek in Phuket. 6,7. The streets and buildings of Phuket. 8. Our first lightning storm of the trip! 9-12. I was obviously in love with the long boats. 13. My HHH (handsome-hottie-husband) 14-15. On the famous Maya Beach! 16. Our tree-hut on the beach! 17. From the viewpoint at the top of Phi Phi. 18. Jus and I on our last day on Long Beach drinking fruit smoothies♥
Hope you enjoyed them! We had such a great time. We definitely want to go back, but maybe to a different island! All in all, Thailand is beautiful!!

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