Thursday, April 19, 2012


Spring Break has just come and gone and boy did we have a great one! My first Spring Break as a teacher! My sister and father-in-law came and visited us while we had work for a week and then we jetted off to Thailand for a few days. It was such a breath of fresh air for his family to come over. I miss home an awful lot and when they were here we were just that much closer to home. We took them to see all the sights and made so many memories. It was a great trip.
All four of us headed to the airport on Sunday to go our seperate ways. They were making the 25+ hour trip home and we were making the 6 1/2 flight to Thailand. It was bitter sweet for us; hard to say goodbye, but knew we would be seeing them in just a few short months. I do now know how I've done the 25+ flight back home THREE times so far, because I was dying on the 6 hour flight!
Since pictures are worth a thousand words, and I could not begin to tell you how beautiful the water was and how relaxing it was, I'll post some pictures to prove it. I had such a great time with my best friend and am so excited to be traveling the world with him by my side. You can check them out next post :)

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