Saturday, April 21, 2012

Once when I was little.

The title inspiration is from one of the first James Morrison songs I fell in love with; Once When I Was Little, and it has everything to do with this post. 
On this beautiful Saturday morning, Justin and I found ourselves being no older than 5. We woke up, opened the computer and humbly watched The Lion King as I ate a bowl of cereal. During the movie, I was thinking to myself about growing up. How many of our Saturdays involved waking up in the morning to watch movies like The Lion King eating a giant bowl of cereal? Most of you are shaking your heads in agreement. 
Justin and I love telling stories of our childhood. It brings such joy and happiness as we think how blessed we were to have such loving families and such a great upbringing. We then think about when the time comes to have our own children one day and how much fun it is going to be to be parents. We know, trust me, how hard and challenging it is going to be at times, but we also know that children are precious gifts from God and we can't wait to have a family someday. (I know both sets of our parents are smiling inside right now)
If you are wondering what our children are going to look like, you can imagine they will look something like this or that.


A huge thank you to my family for raising me the way you did and for loving me no matter what. Also, a huge thank you for Justin's family for raising him the way you did. What a wonderful man he has become.
God bless!

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