Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Corniche.

There are many great things about Abu Dhabi: Tax-free money, The Lebanese Flower (One of Jus and I's favorite eat outs), going to the beach at any time in the year, huge malls...the list could go on. But one of my favorite things about Abu Dhabi is The Corniche. It is a strip of boardwalk that goes up and down the beach where people run, walk, rollerblade, sit, eat, and do, whatever. I usually go on my morning runs there. It is so peaceful and quite (as it should be at 5am). Justin and I sometimes go there for a friendly double-under competition and box jumps. What are double-unders you say? Well it's with a jump rope (obvi) and the rope passes through twice when you only jump once. It is quite a difficult task for some Crossfitters, but Justin and I have got it down pretty well so we like to challenge each other sometimes. This is what we did the other night. I will humbly say that he beat me, but not by much! 
We love to go on night walks on The Corniche. The smell of the water mixed with the city-light backdrop is just gorgeous. Though it is getting hotter by the day, The Corniche will always be a place we can go to to relax, people watch, and make memories. Did I mention it's a 5 minute walk from our apartment? :)
 Here are some pictures of people and such on the corniche. 

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