Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cheers to the weekend!

 Oh my goodness, I don't think this week could have gone any slower! Especially after our 4-day week last week. We had our inspection from ADEC (Abu Dhabi Education Council) and everyone admin was going nuts. I got observed for about 7 minutes total by a little old lady who looked so nice and genuine. It was like a guessing game who was at your door all day. You would forget you sent one of your kiddos to the bathroom and they would come back and open the door, and your heart would kind of start racing thinking it was an inspector. All in all, I think my lesson went pretty well. God definitely knew when the lady was coming in because my kids were nice and quiet, class clean, and we were playing an interactive game in their groups, matching pictures and words to their new vocabulary.
 I am so glad it is over and so glad it is the weekend! Justin has his final gaelic tournament tomorrow and I am so excited to watch him play again! I just REALLY hope the weather is good to us. Please, no where in the high 90's. I made chicken enchiladas for dinner and were going to pop a movie in and relax.

3 quarters of my first year of teaching down. 1 to go.
I. Can. Do. It.

God Bless!

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