Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A 2 MONTH update.

I can't believe it's been two months since my last blog post. HA! And SO much has happened in these past two months, I should have like 100! So here it goes...
Justin and I arrived home on June 25th to start our amazing Summer with friends and family. We did many things this Summer including a Disneyland/LA trip to celebrate our 2nd Anny, The Crossfit Games, family visits and bbq's, and much more. I started reapplying to school districts about two weeks after we got home, and I received my testing scores for my Oregon teaching license. 
On July 17th I received a phone call from the assistant director of human resources in the Cartwright School District in Phoenix, Arizona. He asked if we could have an interview later that day so, if I "passed" he could let the teachers know in his district I was available. Our interview was scheduled for 1:00 pm and lasted about 45 minutes. He said he thought I would be a great fit to their school district and would pass my name along to schools with openings. I was thrilled! I expected to hear from principals within a week or so...
By 2:30 that same day, I was finished with my first interview. It was a Kinder position and they offered me the job. While I was on the phone with this principal, I had 5 missed calls. I called them all back and had interviews with 4 of them. I had 5 job offers by the end of the day with 2 more interviews scheduled for the next morning. 
My mouth was seriously in pain from talking for 6 straight hours and my ear was burning from having the phone up to it all day. I was so stressed, but could not stop smiling.
The school I decided on was actually the last interview I had. It was a first grade position, and I worked in a first grade class for a whole year while I was in high school. I accepted! This was on July 18th, just one day after I received that first phone call. We were flying to Sacramento to visit Justin's Grandma in just 3 days, which would give us 1 day to pack up all of our things into a U-haul when we returned the following week. Crazy, right!? We made the 22-hour drive in one and a half days and I started work two days after.
So, here we are. Well, as of right now, here I am. Justin is back in Dubai for a month and a half to earn some money PTing and trying to win the Dubai Fitness Competition (which would help us out majorly financially). It's just me! In our cute little apartment. And my new job. In a brand new city. At a brand new school. 
So thankful and blessed that God has led us here to Arizona. Through all the stress, tears, and meltdowns I am having at school, this is what I prayed for. God answered my prayer. He heard my cry and knew the desires of my heart. 
I will never, ever regret our time overseas. We made life-long friends that I can't wait to see again. We had so many adventures that I won't ever forget! We are truly, truly blessed. 

Though my Summer was cut in half, and I am eating cereal and oatmeal for dinners, I am so thankful for the life we are given!
God bless!

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  1. Now I understand the move to AZ and why he's back! Hope things continue to go well for you two!


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