Friday, May 10, 2013

Next Summer Bucket List: Updated

At the end of last summer, I created a bucket list for myself of things I wanted to do this coming summer and repeat the things that I did and wanted to do again. Well, now that Summer is oh so close, I have to tweak my list a little bit. 

- Camping at Loon Lake with my BFF (seriously depressed we didn't get to continue this tradition)
*Now that my BFF is PREGGO I am sure the last thing a 8 month old preggo lady wants to do is sit in the roasting sun. But maybe I can convince her :)
- Make the drive down to Roseville to see Nonny & Boppy (Justin's G&G)
*I can't completely cross this one off the list, because we will go down to Cali to see Nonny, but it will only be her. We lost Boppy just after Christmas this year and it was so hard on Justin and his family. We are very much looking forward to seeing and hugging Nonny for a few days. But we will be flying :)
- A girls coast trip with the MIL and SIL
- Stay a full week down in Winston with my Papa Lou and go to The Wildlife Safari
- Bear hunting with my pops
- Fishing trip with my brother, pops, and Jus
- More mother/daughter days
- Float the river
- Cooking day with my mom
- Go to a lake and go tubing
- Eat lots of Mexican food and Laughing Planet
- Eat lots of froyo (when don't I do this?)
- A weekend (or day) in Portland
- Go to the Saturday market
- Trips\hangouts with my cousins and their kids
- Eat an elephant ear at the fair (or anywhere for that matter!)
- Play a round of golf
- See my brother!
- Go to the Scandinavian festival with my GG's (loved doing this again)
- Shopping trip with my Grams
- Lots of family bbq's
- Go to a country concert
- Hold lots of babies
- Tons of friend and family time!
- Lots of Em's baseball games
- Go on a road trip with a good country music cd
- Coast trip with Kaylee Louise
- Go to Disneyland for our 2nd year anniversary :) Oh yea, and meet our friends Brian and Caoimhe there on their first stop of their honeymoon around the world!
- Get burnt at The Crossfit Games (!!!!!!!)
- Eat a Costco hot dog
- Drink a caramel apple smoothie from DB
- Koala Laynee, Brooke, and Liss all in the same day
- Watch my beautiful friend Lissa get married
- Redeem the rope climb, seal walk, box jump, run WOD by NOT spraining my ankle at CFI
- Touch my BFF's belly A LOT and sing songs to my nephew

If you can't tell, I cannot wait for Summer to arrive...okay I take that back. It's already roasting here in the desert, so how about I say, I cannot wait to be in the beautiful Northwest for an amazing Summer! :)
What are some fun things you plan on doing this Summer!?

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God Bless!

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