Saturday, February 2, 2013

A hopeful teacher.

Teaching is hard. There are so many things you need your kiddos to understand by the end of the year (I mean the Common Core has laid them out for us), but it's especially hard when your teaching to second language learners. I have one little girl with a hearing aide, but I still think she can't hear me, I have a sweetie pie who has, I think, about 25% vision in both eyes (and will be blind in a few years), and one little one who still doesn't know her abc's. There are so many different types of kiddos in your class and so many different types of learning styles, you just feel so helpless trying to reach them all. I am not complaining. AT ALL! I love my kiddos, you just never really know how difficult it is until you are in it, knees deep.
I want to be a great teacher. On my breaks, if I am not grading papers you will find me on Pinterest looking up different activities and lessons that others have posted. I am obsessed with blogs. Teaching blogs are stinking awesome. I would love to be so proud of my work. These ladies have it down! They know how to run a classroom.
I can't wait until I am that type of teacher that knows exactly what she wants to teach and exactly how she wants to teach it. What behavior management strategies I am going to use and which ones work. I am enjoying learning and figuring out which way I want to go and what way I want to teach, but I can't wait until I have been teaching 5-6 years and I have it all down. I can't wait to share my experiences with others so they can learn from me. I feel the more effort you put into your job, the more you will enjoy it. If I didn't invest any time into my kiddos or my lessons, it would be just another day job. But my kiddos depend on me. Their learning is in my hands. If I don't do my job the best I can or at least try to, I am failing them.
Talk about pressure! A lot of people think that teaching is an easy job. Trust me, it's not. There are days that are easier than others, but overall its exhausting. If I counted how many questions a day I answered, it would be in the multi-hundreds. I have 25 kiddos in my class and each one has a different set of needs and a different set of questions. By the end of the day, I am pooped. We have to be the nurses, the mommy's, the teachers, the discipliners (not a word, I know), the attorneys, the helpers, the consistency, and most importantly the Jesus to these kiddos each and everyday. My job is hard. But, I wouldn't have it any other way.

God bless!

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